About EO4EU

The project "AI-augmented ecosystem for Earth Observation data accessibility with Extended reality User Interfaces for Service and data exploitation" or EO4EU is a European Commission funded innovation project bringing forward the EO4EU Platform which will make access and use of EO data easier for environmental, government, and even business forecasts and operations.

The project will promote pre-operational European services like DestinE and will utilise existing platforms and services through the extensive use of disruptive technologies.

EO4EU is made up of 16 consortium partners from 11 countries. The consortium that will bring the platform and its initial use cases forward is led by the University of Athens. For the full list of partners, visit our Partners page.

The EO4EU Platform, which will be available at www.eo4eu.eu, will connect already existing major EO data sources such as DestinE, GEOSS, INSPIRE, Copernicus, Galileo, among others and offer several tools and services to help users find and access the data they are interested in, as well as to analyse and visualise this data.

The platform will leverage machine learning to support handling of the characteristically-large volume of EO data as well as a combination of Cloud computing infrastructure and pre-exascale high-performance computing to manage processing workloads.

Specific attention is also given to developing user-friendly interfaces for EO4EU allowing users to intuitively use EO data freely and easily, even with the use of extended reality. 

EO4EU Value Proposition and Results