EuroGEO Workshop 2023

EO4EU was presented, with a dedicated session and a poster, at the EuroGEO Workshop 2023 held from 2-4 October in Bolzano, Italy.

The session titled "Building the Green Deal Data Space in a way that contributes to GEO," chaired by Joan Maso from CREAF and Paolo Mazzetti from CNR, explored the symbiotic relationship between the Green Deal Data Space (GDDS) and the Group on Earth Observations (GEO). With specific objectives in mind, the session provided a comprehensive understanding of the GDDS through current use cases and consolidate diverse perspectives into a coherent blueprint. Participants delved into how this blueprint can be effectively integrated into GEO's Work Program and the GEO platform, ensuring seamless collaboration and alignment of efforts. Additionally, the session provides a platform for discussing ideas concerning GDDS governance and lays out future plans for its development.

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EuroGEO Workshop 2023
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