EXPANDEO is the Annual Conference of EARSC, the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies. EXPANDEO is the event where the European Earth Observation companies alongside other stakeholders get the opportunity to learn through interactive sessions about current policies where the sector could make a contribution & various market opportunities while growing your business networking.

Integrating technological innovations into policies and legislation can be a difficult task although it is necessary to make sure that these agendas are future-proof and deliver the expected results. It is also of paramount importance to stimulate technological advancement.

Considering that EU policy and legislation should be developed, implemented and assessed in view of encouraging innovations, the Better Regulation framework is critical as it aims at ensuring that policymaking is evidence-driven and fit for the future. Ambitious Plans such as the Green Deal, the Digital Strategy -at the EU level- and the UN 2030 Agenda -globally- can leverage current capabilities as well as drive innovation as they will require an abundance of data and services to achieve their long-term objectives.

However, despite the large amount of data made available and accessible through digital infrastructures, the full potential of existing information has not yet been reached and their integration into added-value services for governments, businesses, and citizens could be improved. The lack of skills hinders this uptake by private and public sectors and there is still an increasing need for awareness of their potential usefulness for the development, implementation, and assessment of many EU policies.

All these initiatives and many more like the Urban Agenda for the EU, Common European Data Spaces, Partnerships, etc., will be discussed in the two days of EXPANDEO!

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Museum of Natural Sciences – Vautierstreet 29, 1000 Bruxelles