EO4EU Platform functionalities unveiled in run-up to early access

As one of the major additions to the EO4EU website, a section on the EO4EU Platform has been launched providing information on the expected features, functionalities and benefits.

The project has just crossed its mid-term, a major turning point in the project where several technical advancements have been achieved, so much so that it is expected that early access to the EO4EU Platform is expected to be launched during the first quarter of this year.

To enable this, the EO4EU Platform page, which is expected to be the main entry point to the platform, has been developed and launched providing never-before seen interfaces of the platform. Until access to the platform becomes available, the platform page encourages signups to express interest in obtaining early access to the platform. 

By combining innovative technologies such as machine learning, knowledge graphs, and extended reality with access to Earth observation (EO) data sources, the EO4EU Platform will make EO data more accessible to different kinds of users - specifically those outside the communities that produced or commonly use EO data. 

The platform page highlights some of the benefits for users such as policy makers, research and academia, the public and the private sector. 

Some top functionalities to be offered include easy-to-use interface for technical and non-technical users, readily available AI and ML resources, tools to combine data Interpolate and extrapolate datasets and access raw EO data, ability to rerun everything with ease, and eventually, have an immersive experience through VR.

The EO4EU Platform will also include several tools that will be at the disposal of users. These include: 

  • Data Analytics Visualisation
  • Knowledge Graph-based Decision Making
  • An early XR System
  • AI/ML Marketplace
  • Generic Machine Learning Pipeline for Semantic Annotation
  • Fusion Engine
  • Serverless FaaS

Have a look at the new EO4EU Platform page and be the first to find out about the early access to the platform!


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