First tender open for Destination Earth Service Platform use cases

RHEA has just issued a tender, on behalf of ESA, for the selection of Destination Earth use cases. The tender closes on 30/05/2023 at 13:00 CET.

The scope of this tender is to procure a first set of use cases for validating the Destination Earth core Service Platform (DESP). These use cases are expected to touch upon different topics, with a high impact for citizens and society. The use cases object of this procurement must be based on operational or pre-operational software with policy/decision makers as intended users, which can benefit from the deployment on DESP in several ways (e.g., more reliable and reproducible workflows, better performance, cost reduction, etc.). The software developed will be open source.

Bidders are requested to create consortium in which the end user of the use case is included and plays an active role in steering the agile development process of the use case and in the final validation. The contractor will also participate in outreach and promotion activities.

A variety of Use Cases are expected to be selected addressing different topics and of different complexity. If you are interested in bidding for the tender, you can access all the tender documents here.

Visit the tender

DestinE ESA Tender