Gain early access to the EO4EU platform

Apply now for early access to the EO4EU Platform by filling out our end user survey. EO4EU is designed to provide non-technical and technical users the ability to extract useful insights from Earth Observation data.

Are you interested in using our EO data? Whether you are an Earth Observation expert or just a beginner, the EO4EU platform is being tailored to you. We want our platform to respond to your specific data needs, and to do so we invite you to fill out our end user survey. This process will take around 5 minutes of your time and you will then be eligible for early access to the platform when early access opens.

The results of the end user survey will be translated into functional and technical specifications that will help our team develop the platform technology and the algorithms. The results will not be diffused or made public. The email addresses will only be used to contact the participants to grant them early access to the platform and collect their feedback after using the platform.

Gain early access to our valuable Earth Observation data by filling out the survey here. The survey will close on 14th April 2023.

EO4EU Platform high-level features

  • A cloud-based environment that is seamlessly integrated to various sources of Earth Observation data such as Copernicus, ERA5 and much more.
  • Access to the platform marketplace to create your own processing workflows. 
  • Advanced processing and fusion capabilities of different Earth Observation data based on state-of-the art AI techniques.
  • Extraction of useful representations of these datasets that can be easily interpreted by the users.
  • A user-friendly UI that allows non-technical users to easily interact with the platform.


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