WEkEO Hackathon is open for participation!

Registration is open for individuals and teams for the WEkEO Hackathon taking place online on 22-23 June 2023. It is a unique event that will see participants given access the the wealth of data and tools available through the WEkEO platform. 

Each team will work to conceive of innovative ideas or tools to support policy making in order to improve climate resilience and positively impact our environment. Full access to the WEkEO platform’s features will be made available for the teams to develop their projects, along with expert user support. The Hackathon also provides coaches and mentors to help guide the teams to even better results! 

Participants get to choose between five thematic challenges: Coastal, Arctic, Health, Energy, or other environmental issues in the Wildcard challenge. From visualising data in new and exciting ways to developing dashboards of indicators and creating what-if scenarios, possibilities for taking on these challenges are endless. 

The winning team will receive one year’s free access to the WEkEO platform cloud computing, including the following services:

  • Discover datasets
  • Download
  • Jupyter Notebooks
  • Support
  • Virtual Machines
  • Processing tools
  • Free networking (in and out)

The WEkEO Hackathon provides an opportunity for you to use your creativity and data skills to positively impact our environment and improve climate resilience! 

Are you ready to make a difference?

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WEkEO Hackathon