EO4EU at the 112RESCUE

The four-day trade show 112 RESCUE was held for the first time between 14 and 17 June 2023. The event functioned as a platform for the industry to get together, share information and create opportunities for business. The focus of the event was fire safety, rescue services, disaster control and civil defence. Thus, it has been a wide-ranging showcase targeted at manufacturers, decision-makers and practitioners interested in future applications and the practical use of innovative products in hazardous situations. 

EO4EU participated at the event to promote the EO4EU platform and present its future capabilities. The EO4EU project envisages the implementation of the Use Case focused on Improving Civil Protection activities using EO acquired datasets, which has been of particular attention given the event theme. 


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EO4EU at the 112RESCUE
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Dortmund, Germany